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ValleyML Fellowship Program


Career-Aligned to Help You Thrive in this Digital Era

Get job-ready with career-focused training programs taught by expert instructors from top companies. 

Apply your new skills with hands-on projects that showcase your expertise. 

Work with industry experts on real-world projects in the domain of your choice.

Earn a ValleyML Professional Certificate to share with your network and join ValleyML Fellows alumni community.

Transition to thriving careers as machine learning engineers, data scientists.

Overview of Specializations


  • Learn state-of-art knowledge about robotics, and the AI and deep learning techniques used for the Robotics applications such as semantic segmentation and object detection. 

  • Learn ML techniques used to navigate mobile robots and the architecture and components of a self-driving car software stack. 

  • Create prototypes and develop deep learning applications to solve real-world problems and practice projects.

  • Experienced and motivated instructors are available from top robotic companies to teach this fellowship program.

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Data Science

  • A comprehensive study of data science and its interrelation with AI and ML. Learn the concepts and tools you’ll need throughout the entire data science pipeline, from extracting meaningful information to making inferences and establishing results.

  • Expert instructors from top companies teach the program, and you will work with the industry experts on real-world data science projects.

  • Learn to create prototypes and practical applications to solve real-world problems.

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Natural Language Processing

  • Learn the state-of-the-art deep learning techniques needed to build cutting-edge NLP systems and to design NLP applications that perform question-answering and sentiment analysis, and translate languages.

  • A professional training opportunity to work on a hands-on project that builds cutting-edge NLP skills.

  • Highly motivated and skilled instructors are available in this fellowship program, and everyone can benefit from their knowledge.

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  • Learn essential knowledge on cybersecurity with an emphasis on the protection of digital life.

  • Get acquainted with the latest advancement in data privacy and security and learn to protect your systems against evolving potential threats.

  • Learn techniques used in ethical hacking and cybersecurity from the top companies’ experts.

  • Work on real-life problems and develop an ML solution around them.

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Computer Vision

  • Gain a detailed understanding of advanced vision AI. This course focuses on deep learning methods, especially convolutional neural methods. These techniques will enable you to implement intelligent vision systems.

  • Learn the theoretical details of ML algorithms to the latest techniques in computer vision.

  • Learn and receive hands-on mentorship from top industry experts.

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Intelligent Video Analytics

  • A detailed study and hands-on practice for video analytics. 

  • Learn deep learning techniques, state-of-art methods, and concepts to detect spatial and temporal events in videos.

  • Master the field with the top industry instructors with hands-on practice on real-life problems.

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The curriculum for each specialization includes:

  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning Program, which consists of 10 workshops which cover topics from the fundamentals of machine learning to the latest advances of deep learning technologies and their applications.

​           ​​

  • Coding Interview Preparation Program, which not only prepares Fellows for a technical interview, but also helps them become better engineers through training and teaching how to approach technical problems.

  • ​Project-based Program, which offers a professional training opportunity to work on a hands-on project that builds cutting-edge skills in the domain of Fellows’ choice. Fellows benefit from the unique opportunity to work with industry experts in the field.

  • Industry Partner Program. ValleyML partners with AI teams from the leading companies, who give presentations on their companies as well as tech tutorials for the domain and technologies they are working on. Fellows have opportunities to showcase their completed projects to the industry partners, leading to an interview call.

About Us

ValleyML is an organization dedicated to bringing much quality, job-ready, and affordable, cutting-edge professional training programs for graduating students and working professionals.

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