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ValleyML Fellowship Program

ValleyML Fellowship Program is a 9-week professional training program for graduating students and working professionals – especially who are in the early stage of their career – looking to transition to thriving careers as machine learning engineers, data scientists, and other cutting-edge professionals.

Project-Based Program

This program offers a professional training opportunity to work on a hands-on project that builds cutting-edge skills in the domain of your choice. Fellows benefit from this unique opportunity to work with industry experts in the field. Fellows need to have basic knowledge and skills in the field and the instructors help and guide them through their project work.

Fellows publish their completed project on Github to share with their network and showcase their skills for employers. All projects need to be open source.

Depending on the type of project selected, Fellows may also choose to build a deployable solution such as hosting the ML prediction model as an API or publishing it as an independent Python package. The more they invest in building this kind of deployable solution, the more distinguished they make their skillset from other traditional AI/ML boot camp participants. ValleyML instructors will support and encourage them to do the same.

About Us

ValleyML is an organization dedicated to bringing much quality, job-ready, and affordable, cutting-edge professional training programs for graduating students and working professionals.

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Thriving career for everyone!