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Industry Partner Program

Take a road to a thriving career in AI with ValleyML. It’s time to level up your skills, and we help you do it right!

ValleyML fellowship program is an intensive, career-driven, 9-week professional training program that aims at filling the gap between academics and industry-specific skills required in AI’s evolving field. The program is designed for students and working professionals in the early years of their careers who want to transition into a thriving career as machine learning engineers, data scientists, or other cutting-edge professionals.

An Opportunity to Meet and Join World-Class AI Teams

Some Highlights:

  • Fellows work closely with the top industry leaders in the AI domain.
  • Fellows gain rigorous experience by working on real-world problems.
  • Fellows get a chance to meet and interview with the world-leading AI teams.
  • Fellows develop job-ready, advanced, industry-specific skills required to thrive in the AI domain.
  • Fellows collaborate with other engineers, data scientists, and AI professionals in an interactive environment.
  • Fellows gain guidance and mentorship from ValleyML alumni.

How it Works

ValleyML partners with AI teams from the leading companies who conduct campus drives to hunt for their next hire. The qualified individuals get the chance to showcase their completed projects to industry-renowned experts, leading to an interview call. The handpicked candidates get an opportunity to get hired instantly and start their journey as AI professionals.

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About Us

ValleyML is an organization dedicated to bringing much quality, job-ready, and affordable, cutting-edge professional training programs for graduating students and working professionals.

Our Motto

Thriving career for everyone!