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ValleyML Fellowship Program

ValleyML Fellowship Program is a 9-week professional training program for graduating students and working professionals – especially who are in the early stage of their career – looking to transition to thriving careers as machine learning engineers, data scientists, and other cutting-edge professionals.

Coding Interview Preparation Program

A machine learning engineer is expected to have sound programming and algorithm expertise and familiarity with industry-standard coding techniques. These skills are tested in job interviews. Traditional ML/DL boot camps do not teach these techniques which is why we are offering this particular program that builds the essential hard skills you need to perform well in a coding interview. The course not only prepares Fellows for a technical interview, but also helps them become better engineers through training and teaching how to approach technical problems.

This program offers the following 3 modules:

Data Structures and Algorithms module covers coding interview questions related to Array and Strings, Linked List, Trees and Graphs, Backtracking, Sorting and Searching, Dynamic Programming, Design, Math.

Large Scale Systems Design module covers real-life case studies from frequently asked system design questions.

Soft skills for ML Engineers/ Data scientists module covers soft skills that can serve you throughout your career as ML engineers/data scientists.

About Us

ValleyML is an organization dedicated to bringing much quality, job-ready, and affordable, cutting-edge professional training programs for graduating students and working professionals.

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Thriving career for everyone!