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Computer Vision

Computer vision provides the power to perceive, comprehend, and reason about images. Common applications of computer vision technology include face recognition, medical diagnostics, and self-driving car. This course covers the latest developments in vision AI, with a strong emphasis on advanced deep learning methods, and will help develop a clear understanding of computer vision and its future. It will also enable users to explore the vast possibilities of the future to come. 

Why you should enroll?

  • Get deep into the field of computer vision, deep learning, and AI.

  • This nine-week professional program is for promising future stars who wish to explore the world of smart vision systems.

  • An interactive learning environment for everyone.

  • A comprehensive end-to-end learning opportunity to help fellows transition into a career in machine learning and deep learning.

  • Learn from top industry experts and gain hands-on project experience.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the theory behind Computer Vision. 

  • Apply Machine Learning techniques to complete Computer Vision tasks

  • Learn Deep Learning techniques such as Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)

  • Hands-on practice for Image Classification and Image Synthesis

  • Develop the practical skills necessary to build Computer Vision applications

  • Build Computer Vision applications using deep learning techniques

Computers can see, hear and learn. Welcome to the future.

Dave Waters

Who Will Benefit From It


Young minds entering the world of computers and machines will learn the most from this course. It will become the backbone for their future. Those young minds will be able to preserve the vision of the computer world.


Scientists and practitioners into machine learning and computer vision will utilize this course for their benefit.


Working professionals or practitioners interested in deep learning and its implementations on GPUs in computer vision applications.


After the course completion, you’ll be able to build Computer Vision applications using deep learning techniques to start solving real-world problems such as Healthcare image analysis and Traffic sign classification.

The curriculum for Computer Vision specialization includes:

  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning Program, which consists of 10 workshops which cover topics from the fundamentals of machine learning to the latest advances of deep learning technologies and their applications.

​           ​​

  • Coding Interview Preparation Program, which not only prepares Fellows for a technical interview, but also helps them become better engineers through training and teaching how to approach technical problems.

  • ​Project-based Program, which offers a professional training opportunity to work on a hands-on project that builds cutting-edge skills in the domain of Fellows’ choice. Fellows benefit from the unique opportunity to work with industry experts in the field.

  • Industry Partner Program. ValleyML partners with AI teams from the leading companies, who give presentations on their companies as well as tech tutorials for the domain and technologies they are working on. Fellows have opportunities to showcase their completed projects to the industry partners, leading to an interview call.