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Robotics is a field that links engineering, science, and technology to create devices called robots that perform human behavior. Robots have long been a source of fascination as they can improve people’s lives and work practices by increasing productivity and safety. Robotics is unlike any other field that puts together technology, computation, and artificial intelligence. It makes you able to provide new solutions to problems by combining concepts from different areas of life. The self-driving car is the most popular example of applications of robotic technology.

Why you should enroll?

  • You will gain community engagement, leadership, and communication skills through this fellowship program.

  • You will be able to learn technological and interpersonal skills.​

  • Students will learn more than just how to code.

  • The course gives you the potential to bring the world together.

  • Robotics can serve as a springboard for students to pursue their interests.

What You Will Learn

During this 9-week fellowship program of Robotics, you will be able to learn:

  • In-depth understanding of robotics and its applications

  • Learn Deep Learning techniques such as Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) to analyze image data.

  • Introduction to ROS and Point Cloud Library (PCL).

  • Get Hands-on Practice for Object Detection and Path Planning.

  • Imitation Learning and Deep Reinforcement Learning.

  • Deep Learning on Graphs.

Automation is no longer just a problem for those working in manufacturing. Physical labor was replaced by robots; mental labor is going to be replaced by AI and software.

Andrew Yang

Who Will Benefit From It


Engineers will be able to create prototypes, construct and test robots, and manage the software that controls robots.


The program will benefit students interested in the implementation of deep learning on GPUs in robotics applications. It will also help those who want to pursue a career as a Robotics scientist or any other related field.


Researchers will develop robotics applications using deep learning techniques based on an in-depth understanding of deep learning algorithms.


Practitioners will be capable of resolving challenging real-world problems such as path planning.


After completing this 9-week fellowship program, you will be able to develop Robotics applications using deep learning techniques and begin solving real-world problems such as object detection and path planning in autonomous vehicles.

The curriculum for Robotics specialization includes:

  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning Program, which consists of 10 workshops which cover topics from the fundamentals of machine learning to the latest advances of deep learning technologies and their applications.

​           ​​

  • Coding Interview Preparation Program, which not only prepares Fellows for a technical interview, but also helps them become better engineers through training and teaching how to approach technical problems.

  • ​Project-based Program, which offers a professional training opportunity to work on a hands-on project that builds cutting-edge skills in the domain of Fellows’ choice. Fellows benefit from the unique opportunity to work with industry experts in the field.

  • Industry Partner Program. ValleyML partners with AI teams from the leading companies, who give presentations on their companies as well as tech tutorials for the domain and technologies they are working on. Fellows have opportunities to showcase their completed projects to the industry partners, leading to an interview call.