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Data Science

Data science integrates domain awareness, programming skills, statistics, and math knowledge to derive valuable data insights. As a result, the systems produce insights that analysts and business users can use to create real business value. Data science involves machine learning techniques that help discover hidden insights or trends in raw data that can help formulate significant business decisions. 

Why you should enroll?

  • Data science is a lucrative area with many high-paying job openings.

  • It has a wide variety of applications and opens doors for a variety of opportunities.

  • A chance to learn from the top industry experts with hands-on practice on projects involving real-world issues.

  • After completing a course in data sciences, fellows gain problem-solving skills and start analyzing data using statistical methods.

What You Will Learn

During the data science course of this 9-week fellowship program, you will be able to learn:

  • Use of the statistics and probability to analyze data.

  • How to visualize data, carry out statistical analysis, make use of  Exploratory data analysis (EDA), and how it powers data science

  • Inferential and Bayesian statistics for data science​

  • Statistical methods as used in practical data science and Machine Learning

  • Get In-depth knowledge of Python Programming to solve any data science problem

  • Implement a production-quality contribution that adds functionality to an existing open source framework

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.

Albert Einstein

Who Will Benefit From It


The program will benefit students who want to pursue a career as data scientists or machine learning engineers, or any other related field involving AI.


This 9-week fellowship program helps researchers develop statistical techniques, develop algorithms for extracting information, generate observations, find patterns, and make predictions from various data sources


After completing a 9-week fellowship program of Data Science, practitioners would transition their career into AI and data science and help businesses resolve complex real-world issues.


By completing the 9-week fellowship program, you will be able to start analyzing data using statistical methods and embark on a thriving career as a data scientist.

The curriculum for Data Science specialization includes:

  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning Program, which consists of 10 workshops which cover topics from the fundamentals of machine learning to the latest advances of deep learning technologies and their applications.

​           ​​

  • Coding Interview Preparation Program, which not only prepares Fellows for a technical interview, but also helps them become better engineers through training and teaching how to approach technical problems.

  • ​Project-based Program, which offers a professional training opportunity to work on a hands-on project that builds cutting-edge skills in the domain of Fellows’ choice. Fellows benefit from the unique opportunity to work with industry experts in the field.

  • Industry Partner Program. ValleyML partners with AI teams from the leading companies, who give presentations on their companies as well as tech tutorials for the domain and technologies they are working on. Fellows have opportunities to showcase their completed projects to the industry partners, leading to an interview call.