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AI Hardware Expo

3-week global & virtual event series on AI Hardware in the Weeks of Sept 21, Oct 12, Nov 2 as part of ValleyML AI Expo. We will be featuring top thought leaders from AI Hardware (chips and systems) and associated software and EDA tools industry.

What is ValleyML AI Expo?

  • 1000s of global attendees

  • Incredible Content

  • Presentations, panel discussions and case studies from a wide range of enterprises and technologists from around the world

  • All sessions IEEE PDH accredited

  • Online Networking Opportunities

  • Q&A sessions and interactive features

  • A virtual and global series of 90-minute talks and discussions from Sept 21st to Nov 19th on Mondays-Thursdays.

  • Addressing key topics in Enterprise AI, AI Robotics, and AI Hardware

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Why Attend ValleyML AI Expo?

  • Learn about the key topics in Enterprise AI, AI Robotics, and AI Hardware.

  • Join 1000s of attendees from around the world

  • Gather gems of knowledge & access world-class content from home or anywhere in the world!

  • Benefit from professional advancement with IEEE PDH accreditation

  • Watch the sessions either Live or On-Demand

  • Sharpen your skill-set; benchmark against your peers; and discover the latest developments, opportunities & strategies in AI from around the globe

  • Benefit from insights from a wide range of speakers around the world across multiple industries, including: Finance, Retail, Healthcare and many more

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Why Sponsor ValleyML AI Expo?

  • Benefit from significant brand exposure at the world’s largest AI community

  • Showcase your company as a leader in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Industry

  • Get first-hand access to the latest research and discussion on all topics relevant to AI

  • Lead Generation: Receive quality data of all attendees that watch your presentation and those that express a high level of interest and intent

  • A wide range of branding opportunities to put your organisation at the heart of the show

  • Build relationships: powerful interactions with a lasting impact

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AI Hardware Expo Schedule

Sep 21- Sep 24

AI Hardware Accelerators

Oct 12- Oct 15

AI Hardware At The Edge

Nov 2- Nov 5

Future of AI Hardware

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About ValleyML.AI


ValleyML brings together business leaders and applied machine learning and deep learning practitioners. We collaborate with professional organizations such as ACM, IEEE and other AI related organizations bringing a series of regularly planned events, seminars, conferences, and workshops. We have a global outreach to close to 200,000 professionals in AI and Machine Learning.

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