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David Wyatt
Track Chair, AI Hardware

David Wyatt

CTO, President, PixelDisplay


David is CTO & President of PixelDisplay, a company he founded in 2015, which specializes in nanotechnology, making safer visual experiences, and incorporating advanced AI & computational capabilities in the visual-edge. David originates from Australia, where he studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, before coming to the US through an Intel acquisition. Previously, Chief Engineer & Platform Architect at Intel for 8yrs, and Distinguished Engineer at NVIDIA for 9yrs. David is the inventor on more than 110 issued US patents over a wide range of disruptive technologies.


AI Expo 2021

AI Expo 2020

October 12, 202003:00pm - 04:00pm
October 12, 202004:00pm - 05:00pm
October 12, 202005:00pm - 06:00pm
October 13, 2020
November 2, 202004:00pm - 05:00pm