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Kanu Gulati

Kanu Gulati

Investor, Khosla Ventures

Speaking Sessions

November 3, 202011:40am - 12:40am

VC Panel AMA

Future of AI Hardware


Kanu Gulati is an investor at Khosla Ventures, focused on investments in ML / AI-enabled applications, robotics / autonomous systems, and hardware acceleration. She has led and helps manage Khosla Ventures’ investments in companies including Zendar, NoMagic, WaveOne, Korbit, Analog Inference, Windborne, Rosebud and a few unannounced.

She has over 10 years of operating experience as a research scientist at Intel and Cadence, and was founding employee / early engineer at startups including OmniSci (hardware-accelerated data analytics), Nascentric (fast-circuit simulation tool, acquired by Cadence), and Atrenta (predictive analytics for design, acquired by Synopsys).

Kanu has co-authored 3 books, been published in 35+ peer-reviewed publications with 570+ citations and holds a US patent. She has PhD & Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University and a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering from University of Delhi. Kanu completed her MBA at Harvard Business School, where she was President of the annual Venture Capital and Private Equity Conference. Her Erdős number is 3.