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Jonathan Lloyd

Jonathan Lloyd

Data Scientist – Industrial IoT, Western Digital

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Jonathan started his lifelong journey with technology at the age of 4 by disassembling and successfully reassembling the family Apple II plus which had the only copy of his father’s master’s thesis. Innately curious by nature, he now finds himself a systems design engineer turned data scientist. Specializing in cross-domain embedded computation problems, he is a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona with a MSEE. Prior to joining WDC, he has worked on electric vehicles and lead joint autonomous robot development teams for both Cal Poly Universities. Beginning his tenure at Western Digital, he found ways to create failures from interacting subsystems and created architectural improvements to mitigate them. His work has included primary physics research to develop newly controlled and calibrated manufacturing parameters, authoring many firmware and design changes which enhanced reliability, performance and monitoring capability over the service life of Western Digital products. Unintentionally entering into large scale analytics, he wrote his own ETL pipeline to handle exploratory analysis of field operation phenomena. He is now responsible for design and technical direction of a number of embedded ML activities at WDC.