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Hamid Motahari

Hamid Motahari

Founder and CEO, UpBrains AI Inc


Hamid R. Motahari-Nezhad, PhD, is an innovator and technologist with a focus in Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise AI and Business Process Management. He is Founder and CEO of UpBrains AI, Inc., which is a startup with a focus on intelligent business process automation for the enterprise. He is holding an Honorary Professor of Computer Science position at Department of Computing at Macquarie University, Australia. Before starting UpBrains AI, Hamid served as Head of AI Science at EY AI Lab, Palo Alto, in EY Global Technology Innovation where he was leading the global AI Science team working in Document Intelligence and Enterprise AI. His background and interest lie in applied AI, document intelligence, conversational AI, intelligent RPA, and AI in business process automation. Prior to EY AI Lab, Hamid was serving as Research Lead for Cognitive Services at IBM Research, and was a member of IBM Academy of Technology. He has published more than 100 scholarly papers in various scholarly conferences. Hamid has served as chair, invited speaker and organizer of multiple data analytics, and AI-focused conferences.


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