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Using AI to create considerate systems

January 14, 202009:50am - 10:30amState of AI and ML - 2020


Ted Selker

Ted Selker

  • January 14, 2020
  • 09:50am - 10:30am


Information systems are being called upon not only to help keep us organized and productive, but also to help in the fabric of the way we live.  We are starting to see them as solving social problems as they might begin reducing disruption; they help people enjoy others or even increase self-awareness. This talk will introduce notions of how we can introduce social awareness in our design practices and artifacts. 

The talk will frame the AI Considerate System stance of social feedback to a user.  We will describe results from a variety of Considerate Research projects, with examples including systems supporting people in conference call communication, TV interactions, saving energy in the Sustainability Base Leeds Platinum building.

We conclude that all interactions with people in the physical world require an appreciation that they are in a social environment and engagement.