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State of AI and ML - January 2020

Event Info

  • January 14 - 15, 2020
  • 08:00 am - 05:00 pm
  • Intel SC12 Auditorium, 3600 Juliette Ln, Santa Clara, CA 95054 ‘s event “State of AI and ML-January 2020” at Intel, Santa Clara on January 14th-15th was a great success. We had 250+ attendees at this 2-day event.

We greatly appreciate all the speakers and panelists for their very inspiring talks and discussions in the fields of AI and ML. Thanks to our keynote speakers, Prasad Saripalli from MINDBODY, Ted Selker from, Gajendra Prasad Singh from Ambient Scientific, Janet George from Oracle, a panel chair, John Currie from UL, and all our excellent and engaging speakers/panelists, Liam Pedersen, Sagar Behere, Benjamin Lewis, Miguel Acosta, Michael Wagner, Scott Penberthy, David Henkel-Wallace, Ken Haase, Peter Norvig, Chida Khatua, Corinne David, Mengyue Liang, Ken Urquhart, Leo Janze, Humayun Irshad, Yifang Liu, Magdalini Eirinaki, Jeffrey Shih, Arun Rajasekaran, Steven Woo, Ellie Burns, Andra Keay, Chris Ciccolella, Sujata Tibrewala, Louie Tsai, Ajay Baranwal, Herman Pandana, Michael Ariaga, David Wei.

We are thankful to all our sponsors UL, MINDBODY, Ambient Scientific, Intel as well as our publicity sponsors Silicon Valley Chapters of IEEE and SF Bay ACM. Thanks also to Chair, Kiran Gunnam, Program Chairs, Koji Seto, Promila Agarwal, Mehran Nekuii, Osso Vahabzadeh, Marc J. Mar-Yohana, Industry Advisory Board, Kriti Krishna, organizing team, Priya Diwakar, Pavel Savva, Sandeep Kumar Ramani, Charles Patel, Nikhil Saunshi, and help from Intel, Rishikesh Sharma, Oluwatoyin Ige.

This event received great post-event coverage in a Forbes article titled “Silicon Valley Event On Machine Learning Tackles The Latest Riddles Vexing AI Self-Driving Cars“.

The keynote talks and panel discussions are available here.

Event presentation files are already made available to registered attendees and would be available for public access with a delay in April 2020 at website.