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Yifang Liu

Yifang Liu

VP of Machine Learning Smule Inc.

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Yifang Liu received his PhD in ECE from Texas A&M University in 2009. After graduate school, his R&D work at Google was focused on the research, innovation, development, and productization in the fields of cloud computing, operations research, and machine learning. His machine learning related work later at Uber made a few foundational contributions in market forecasting, demand-supply matching, dynamic pricing, risk analysis and prediction. As part of those works, 36+ patent applications have been filed for Yifang’s inventions, of which at least 18 have been issued with patents as of early 2019. His expertise in algorithms, machine learning, optimization, and distributed systems continues making impacts in the fields of recommender system, growth marketing, personalization as he serves as the VP of machine learning at Smule.