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Tirthajyoti Sarkar

Tirthajyoti Sarkar

Sr. Director, AI/ML Platform, Rhombus Power Inc.


Dr. Tirthajyoti Sarkar currently works as the Sr. Director, AI/ML Platform at Rhombus Power Inc. where he is building solutions for problems of vital national and global importance with AI, data, and mathematics.

Most recently, he worked as Data Science Engineering Manager at a startup developing edge-computing platforms for the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Before that, he spent more than a decade in the semiconductor and electronics industry where he developed power semiconductor technology and applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques for design automation and product innovation.

Dr. Sarkar regularly publishes AI and data science articles on top online platforms and teaches machine learning in various workshops and forums. He has published 30+ papers in IEEE and holds multiple US patents. He holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the Univ. of Illinois at Chicago and MS in Data Analytics from Georgia Tech.


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