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Sridhar Tirumala

Sridhar Tirumala

Co-CEO, Vishwam Corp


Sridhar has a Masters in Materials Science (Virginia Tech) and in Computer Science (UMass), with a PhD. in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Virginia Tech). His first AI/ML product was in 2008, Paramos, which modeled sub-nanometer transistor behavior. He moved on to use AI/ML to solve the leakage optimization problem in the semiconductor industry in 2010, namely LeSa. He created the application of AI/ML in the fashion industry in 2013 to create virtual fitting rooms (Trupik). In his most recent endeavors, he was instrumental in creating highly secure and reliable KYC and attendance and access management solutions using AI/ML at a very large scale. He has more than 50 publications and more than a dozen patents awarded.


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