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Sanjib Basak

Sanjib Basak

Director, Data Science, Navi Health


Sanjib has been working in data science, machine learning and AI for the last decade and is building AIML products in various industries like Finance, Healthcare and Retail.

Sanjib is currently working as a director of data science at NaviHealth, which specializes in health care in post-acute settings and is a division of UnitedHealth Group, the largest healthcare company in the planet. Sanjib and his team are involved with building machine learning products which recommends and guides physicians for correct healthcare settings for the treatment of a patient, improving quality of treatment and reducing healthcare cost in the process. Also, Sanjib and his team are working on building applications for remote patient monitoring using sensor based IOT techniques to improve quality of life and reduce risk of fall and other high-risk conditions.

For more than 20 plus years Sanjib has been in leadership positions in various Fortune 500 companies involved with data science, data engineering and products divisions and built end to end machine learning and AI products from initiation to deployment.

Sanjib has completed a Master degree in Healthcare Administration from University of Minnesota and Master degree in Mathematics from IIT Kharagpur, India.


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