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Resham Sarkar

Resham Sarkar

Director of Data Science & Analytics, Stride Funding


Resham Sarkar is the Director of Data Science & Analytics at Stride Funding where her team builds predictive models that defy traditional education loans and ensure an outcome-driven student funding. In her previous roles, she has led the machine learning and product analytics teams at Slice, and the machine learning team at CCC Intelligent Solutions, developing state-of-art models for optical character recognition, vehicle damage detection, and injury prediction. She has a Ph.D. in Atomic Physics from Northwestern University. Her research was geared towards building an ultra-sensitive gyroscope that measures slow movements like the rate of expansion of the universe. She is also an actor and a comedian who has been performing since she was three and still feels the same rush every time the lights go up.


AI Expo 2021

October 13, 202110:30 - 11:00