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Kuldeep Jiwani

Kuldeep Jiwani

SVP, Data Science, HiLabs


Kuldeep is a Data Science leader, an active ML Researcher, a Data Science Architect, Performance specialist and an Entrepreneur.

He is currently heading the Data Science division of HiLabs, where he is leading the AI / ML initiatives for the Healthcare sector. He has 18 years of experience spread across various industry verticals of Healthcare, Telecom, Financial Trading tools and E-Commerce. With expertise in the field of ML , Unsupervised ML, BigData, High Performance engineering, etc.

His research publications and patent in the field of Unsupervised non-parametric techniques and advanced anomaly detection, applied our massive BigData applications in Telecom sector has resulted in smart telecom networks to be used for 5G networks. His performance engineering expertise helped re-architecture a BigData application in just 1/4 of the infra, thus saving nearly $20 million on the BOM cost for hardware. He was one of the initial members of a startup that made a performance diagnostic tool for Java based applications, which helped many companies in improving the performance of their Java tech stack. With his technological innovations, this startup was later acquired by Oracle.


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