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Kevin Parent

Kevin Parent

CEO, FloorSight


AI Expo 2021

October 13, 202110:00 - 11:00


Kevin Parent is an entrepreneur, executive, and systems engineer with a career defined by delivering a series of successful projects and products across many industries. He has a lifelong passion for storytelling using technology.

Mr. Parent holds a degree in Physics from MIT, and spent the first decade of his career as a Walt Disney Imagineer. He designed systems for many attractions and was the Project Engineer for the ride and show control systems for the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, one of the most popular attractions of all time and still in daily operation 25+ years later.

Mr. Parent went on to start a number of companies, including two engineering consultancy firms. He co-founded Oblong Industries (OBLG: NASDAQ), a software company that transformed computing from a one-person, one-screen, one-device experience to a fully shared and interactive environment with complete data immersion. He also was co-founder and CEO of Conduce, Inc., a SaaS company that developed stunning data visualization technology to enable customers to see their entire operation in real-time and to identify areas where they could reduce costs, enhance capabilities, and improve their bottom line.

Mr. Parent is now the CEO and Founder of FloorSight (, a venture-backed startup delivering advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies for small-to-medium discrete manufacturers, revealing hidden factors impacting throughput and unlocking hidden capacity.