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Hamza Ghadyali

Hamza Ghadyali

Senior AI Specialist, SAS


Hamza Ghadyali, Ph.D. is a Senior AI Specialist at SAS in the Advanced Analytics Center of Excellence. He leads teams of talented data scientists and engineers to solve complex industry challenges using deep learning, machine learning, and mathematical modeling. His team is helping organizations define and execute upon a cohesive and trustworthy AI strategy. Dr. Ghadyali has obtained multiple patents for AI systems while implementing novel solutions in manufacturing, retail, and healthcare industries. Given the powerful impacts of modern AI solutions, Dr. Ghadyali believes that AI should be developed and deployed responsibly with consideration of everyone who will be affected.

Hamza Ghadyali earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Duke University where he developed geometric techniques to analyze data from dynamical systems and discovered unique signatures of neuroelectric activity of epileptic seizures.

His personal interests include working on classic cars, composing music, and learning languages (most recently, Chinese).


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