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Eyal Cohen

Eyal Cohen

CEO, CogniFiber


Dr. Eyal Cohen is the CEO and co-founder of CogniFiber Ltd. Inspired by the great promise involved in combining optical communication platforms with the revolution of deep learning networks, Eyal set out to explore and map a brand-new field of in-fiber photonic computing. In early 2019, leveraging his broad technical experience in neuroscience (Weizmann Institute), HW design (Mellanox, Saifun), algorithms development (Oren, MS Tech) and photonic computing research (Bar Ilan University, Hebrew University), Eyal co-founded CogniFiber with world-class photonics expert Prof. Zeev Zalevsky, CogniFiber’s CTO. He recruited an elite group of engineers, implementing the theory from the whiteboards into the lab. During its first two years, CogniFiber developed and registered significant IP enabling a POC that dramatically supersedes the most powerful current AI acceleration technologies in terms of performance and power consumption. Eyal’s leadership track record includes his roles as an IDF Naval officer, a knowledgeable researcher, a gifted engineer and a renowned neuroscience lecturer. CogniFiber is currently raising a Series-B financing round and is in the process of partnering with the leading technology solution providers. Eyal is truly energized and excited to lead CogniFiber’s journey in the next technological revolution.


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