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Dmitry Kan

Dmitry Kan



Dmitry has been focusing on search engines since 2010 with Apache Lucene and Solr and since 2020 with Elasticsearch. He was responsible for building a search team and search technology powering AlphaSense product which today is used by thousands of reputed banks, hedge funds and companies in almost any industry vertical around the world. At Silo.AI Dmitry led a team of NLP researchers, search, frontend and QA engineers working on search at web scale, interacting with Product Management, Engineers and Data teams on a daily basis.

Dmitry has worked on open source projects Luke and Quepid and co-founded a few startups: in text analytics, edtech and team engagement space. He is the founder and host of the Vector Podcast ( Having established himself as an independent researcher in vector search, Dmitry began working on Muves — multilingual and multimodal search engine, together with his co-founders. In free time he enjoys reading, cycling and blogging about AI and Search. Dmitry holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics and a Master’s in Computer Science.


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