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Dileep C Unnikrishnan

Dileep C Unnikrishnan

Technical lead, Data Science and Analytics, Cloudphysician Healthcare


Dileep is currently working as the Technical lead of Data science and analytics at Cloudphysician Healthcare. He did his MD in Internal Medicine in Rutgers Health, NJ and one year of research in Pulmonary and Critical care medicine at Johns Hopkins University before returning to India to join Cloudphysician.

Dileep started his research stint in the field of sleep and metabolism while at Hopkins and has authored one of the most cited papers on Inflammation in sleep apnea. Since joining the current organization, he has been focusing on leveraging data in tackling the inefficiencies in the healthcare ecosystem thereby empowering both the patients and providers.

He currently leads a team of developers, analysts and ML engineers to add smart features to the healthcare delivery platform of the company called Radar and team’s current efforts are focused on problems such as improving healthcare provider workflow efficiency and providing clinical and operational insights to the providers/managers.


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