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Debjit Das Sarma

Debjit Das Sarma

Principal Autopilot Hardware Architect, Tesla


Dr. Debjit Das Sarma is a computer architect with more than twenty-eight years of experience in building high performance computers. He is currently a Principal Autopilot Hardware Architect at Tesla, where he is responsible for the architecture and micro-architecture of inference and training hardware. Prior to Tesla, he was a Fellow and Chief Architect of several generations of x86 and ARM processors at AMD.
Dr. Das Sarma has a PhD degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Southern Methodist University. He has more than a dozen publications and over twenty patents in the field of computer architecture. He is currently a program committee member of the Hot Chips conference. He is also a steering committee member of IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic since 2005, and was the program committee chairman in 2009. He participated in numerous panels on Computer Architecture and Arithmetic. He was a Member of IEEE 754R Binary and Decimal Floating Point Standards Committee that published the IEEE 754-2008 standard technical report.

His current research interests are computer architecture and arithmetic with focus on deep learning solutions.


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