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David S. Wroth
Member AI Enterprise Committee

David S. Wroth

Director Data Science, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.


October 5, 202003:00pm-04:00pm
October 26, 202004:00pm - 05:00pm


David is the Director of Data Science for Underwriters Laboratories Inc., identifying opportunities to address safety issues across the globe.  In this capacity, he leads a team that collects and analyzes data from disparate sources and develops insights to improve safe living and working environments for people.  A significant data science initiative is the use of open data to identify improvements to safety standards and employing machine learning algorithms to rapidly identify key safety lapses from text-based sources.  Previously, Mr. Wroth was the director of public safety for the organization and was responsible for leading and managing key initiatives/functions of the Public Safety Office and integrating these functions with UL departments/divisions/business units.  David received a Master of Business Administration from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management and a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering from Purdue University.