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Claudionor Coelho Jr

Claudionor Coelho Jr

VP/Fellow of AI – Head of AI Labs, Palo Alto Networks


AI Expo 2021

October 12, 20219:00 - 9:30


Claudionor N. Coelho is the VP/Fellow for AI – Head of AI Labs at Palo Alto Networks, leading new research and products on time series analysis, causality, and neural-symbolic computing. Previously, he worked on Machine Learning/Deep Learning at Google. He is the creator of QKeras, a Deep Learning package for quantization on top of Keras with support for automatic quantization, being used by CERN (which appeared on the cover page of Nature Machine Intelligence in August 2021). He was the VP of Software Engineering, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning at NVXL Technology. He did seminal work on AI at Synopsys Inc, and he opened the site for Cadence Design Systems in Brazil, being the GM for the site, following the acquisition of Jasper Design Automation, where he was the Worldwide SVP of R&D.

He created the initial strategy for Kunumi (when he was an angel investor), and he is an investor and TAB member of ConDati. He has more than 100 papers, patents, academic, and industry awards. He is currently an Invited Professor for Deep Learning at Santa Clara University, and previously, he was an Associate Professor of Computer Science at UFMG, Brazil, when he took the ACM Programming Contest to the Southern Hemisphere. He has a Ph.D. in EE/CS from Stanford University, an MBA from IBMEC Business School, and an MSCS and BSEE (summa cum laude) from UFMG, Brazil.