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Albert Hu

Albert Hu

Retired AI/ML Researcher


Dr. Hu received his PhD from MIT on the application of Bayesian run-by-run control of semiconductor processes in multi-billion dollar semiconductor facilities. The IEEE article from his PhD work has been the most cited in its field in the past more than 25 years.

He continued his applied AI and machine learning work in industries such as the energy and the robotics sectors. He is currently on the European IT Certificate Institute’s Smart Energy Standards Committee. He is also the executive director of the AI Robotics Young Scholar Program in San Francisco, CA, whose teachers and speakers are from national labs, most established tech companies, the founders and C-level executives of AI robotic startups, etc. Its graduates are now leadership fellows and national lab young scholars.

He has written, as a columnist, on the importance of applied ethics given how AI and Machine Learning have fundamentally changed society and humanity. The pace will only increase, and the moral issues become ever more complicated as AI/ML systems increasingly generate autonomous decisions.


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