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Adrian Cartier

Adrian Cartier

Co-founder, Chief Data Science Officer, Freight Science


Adrian Cartier is co-founder and Chief Data Science officer for Freight Science, a data and analytics SaaS product for use by the transportation sector. Additionally, Adrian serves as Data Science advisor at Ocelot Consulting, LLC an IT consulting services company in St. Louis, MO specializing in cloud technologies, custom application development, enterprise security, and data science. Prior to joining Freight Science, Cartier was assistant vice president of data science at rental car giant Enterprise Holdings. Prior to that, he was a data science Associate Science Fellow and Director of Data Science and Engineering in IT at Bayer Crop Science. Before joining the tech industry he spent the first six years of his career as a mathematics professor. He holds a doctorate in algebraic topology from the University of Mississippi. Adrian resides in Saint Louis with his wife Dana and daughter Alexandria. His passions include increasing diversity and representation in tech, data science and helping companies unlock their potential through data-driven decision making.


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