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The State of Robotics

January 15, 202017:30 - 18:00State of AI and ML - January 2020


Andra Keay

Andra Keay

Managing Director of Silicon Valley Robotics
  • January 15, 2020
  • 05:30pm - 06:00pm


Understanding the state of commercialization in robotics innovation.

A review of the latest investments into the robotics industry, and how difficulties in the categorization of the robotics industry in US and overseas hinders awareness of emerging robotics technologies. In 2014, the robotics industry hit two tipping points. One was a huge increase in funding going into new areas of emerging robotics industry, and the other has been the move away from traditional market analytics based on sales figures to predict future growth, towards the much more complex analysis of disruption, market cycles and effectively trying to read the entrails of the investment industry.