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Accelerate DL and ML workloads through Intel oneAPI on CPU or GPU

January 15, 202016:00 - 16:30State of AI and ML - January 2020


Louie Tsai

Louie Tsai

Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel
Sujata Tibrewala

Sujata Tibrewala

Technology evangelist, Intel
  • January 15, 2020
  • 04:00pm - 04:30pm


5G, Edge, cheap computing means deluge of micro Data Centers spawning close to the user locations. This open up  a whole new model of delivering apps and services across multiple architectures and implementations in the industry. This infrastructure also needs to be scalable enough to distribute functions to serve billions of parallel devices and tasks at the edge. . We talk about how workloads and applications will drive the edge architecture for Domain Specific Applications (DSA) where by  various technology enablers such as AI, ML and oneAPI- a set of developer tools that provide a unified programming model that simplifies development for workloads across diverse architectures, can create a level playing field for the developers of these applications by letting them take full advantage of multi architecture platforms easily. Various DSA’s include Green Applications aka Rideshare, Green champion social app, Real time location-based services, Social networking applications, Real Time XR based use case. With the push towards 5G and the promise of connecting the unconnected technologies such as ad Hoc Network based apps where any node can opt in to connect other nearby nodes have huge potential  to bridge the Digital Divide. We will conclude by talking about various Open source efforts in the edge space in general and Akraino Edge Stack in particular which aims at making the edge a more accessible space for software developers on the edge.