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Autonomous Enterprise

January 15, 202009:30 - 10:00State of AI and ML - January 2020


Janet George

Janet George

CVP Data Center & Artificial Intelligence, GM Cloud Enterprise, AI, Security Solutions Group, Intel
  • January 15, 2020
  • 09:30am - 10:00am


What is an Autonomous Enterprise?

An Autonomous Enterprise is an enterprise that is prepared to tap into the power of ML and AI. In other words these enterprises are AI ready and they are powered by AI. They know how to win using AI technologies. In the age of AI which has become an existential threat for enterprises, winning with AI has become a necessity. Delayed adoption increases the risk of the enterprises being left behind their competition and the Industry at large, conceding to business erosion and a slow painful long drawn out eventual acquisition or potential death. 

Like every major epochs, the Internet age, the social media age, the big data age and the AI age, these genetic markers bring profound technological advances and major seismic shifts in the operational aspects of the business.  In this talk we will explore how pioneers combine, investment choices, strategy, organizational behaviors, and technological adoption as essential ingredients for winning with AI.