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Dr. Kiran Gunnam

Program Chairs

Dr. Koji Seto, Program Chair, Computer Vision

Dr. Tirthajyoti Sarkar, Program Chair, Data Science

Dr. Mehran Nekuii, Program Chair, ML and DL Workloads

Dr. Osso Vahabzadeh, Program Chair, Tutorials

Ms. Promila Agarwal, Program Chair, Video Analytics

Ms. Siddha Ganju, Program Chair, Self-Driving Vehicles

Mr. George Williams, Program Chair, Embedded AI

Mr. Kaushik Mitra, Program Chair, Storage and AI

Mr. Manjeet Singh, Program Chair, Enterprise Services

Marc J. Mar-Yohana, Program Chair, Safety in Autonomous AI Systems

Sharif Zadeh, Program Chair, Entrepreneurship for AI Ventures

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Local Arrangement Chairs

State of AI and ML – December 2019 @SEMI

Dr. Koji Seto, Apollo AI

State of AI and ML – January 2020 @Intel

Ms. Promila Agarwal, Intel

Mr. Michael Ariaga, Intel

Mr. Pradeep Ramani, Nvidia

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Web Content and Design Chair

Pavel Savva

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